Let's agree that car is the best transportation solution that man has invented.


As it grown it brought new challenges


"In UK drivers spend an average of 44 hours a year searching for a parking space." (INRIX study) 2017


According to statistics human factor contributed in 94 % of all accidents


"Cars are parked 95% of the time." (Paul Barter, Transportation advisor)


Transport accounts for around a third of all final energy consumption in the EEA member countries and for more than a fifth of greenhouse gas emissions. It is also responsible for a large share of urban air pollution as well as noise nuisance. (European Environment Agency)


Traffic jams effect economy, health and air pollution. Congestions bring delays, stress, inability to estimate time travels, increase in fuel consumption and emissions released...

Let's think about alternative.


let cars become CASES to solve those challenges

More Time

PowerTower reduces space necessary for parking areas as it brings parking to the vertical level. PowerTower reduces time necessary for parking as it brings easy accessible parking solution.


In future, thanks to technologically advanced autonomous vehicles, driver´s fatigue and inattention will no longer be a safety concern.

More Value

PowerTower makes investment into the personal transportation reasonable as the customer pays only for what he really uses.

More Ecology

Power Tower offers green transportation by electric vehicles which are far less harmful for the environment than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. Power Tower use extremely light, urban purpose build and highly effective vehicles.

More Space

PowerTower solution reduces numbers of cars on the roads: PowerTower makes cars only drive and not spend 30% of the driving time searching for a parking space. PowerTower financially encourages customers to use “share mode” and be ecologically responsible.

Closed system

The whole concept is based on a closed system idea. That instantly brings lots of advantages and solves multiple obstacles.

PT is designed to hold up to 20 vehicles. This is achieved due to the vertical storage system in combination with a purpose build stackable vehicle.

Vehicle storage

Main feature is to separate battery from the vehicle each time the vehicle is docked. This idea solves "time to charge" problem as it allows to choose most suitable battery for the next ride despite the fact that the last drop off might have been with empty battery. System of battery selection is based on the rotating barrel beneath the PT witch simply rotates batteries depending on which battery is going to be deployed for the next ride.

Battery charge

PT is designed with simplicity in mind. It can be respectably positioned in different city landscapes and set ups. Its functional design allows to additionally redesign it in accordance with the surrounding urban architecture. New projects can integrate PT directly into the building itself.

PowerTower Design

As entire technology is placed underneath the PT, the PT can be placed in different locations without any major requirements.

Technology space

PT is designed in a way that vehicles could be deployed up to 4 sides. This adds flexibility in different traffic situations (vehicles could enter in one direction and exit in another). Also the process of deploying and entering the vehicles is that way accelerated as these can happen in different directions at the same time.

Rotating entrance

Efficient storage of vehicles requires to build them with stackable alternative. This way PT will not store empty air but as many vehicles as possible.

Stackable vehicles

A purpose build vehicle is based on the concept to transport passengers in the city environment as efficiently as possible. Because of this, for example unnecessary equipment designed for high speed out of the city driving can be easily dropped. Vehicle is to be extremely light max 500 kg, with max speed 100 km/h. As there is no need for a high range, smaller and lighter batteries can be used effectively.

Vehicle efficiency



During that process PT deploys one vehicle in front of the tower, while making a photo scan that indicates all potential damages to document them. Customer subsequently receives result in his smartphone and accepts terms and conditions.

Use smartphone to find PT near you.
Reserve and pick the vehicle up in
process under 30 seconds!


Vehicles are partly prepared while drop off process (cleaning and scanning). While being docked, batteries are recharged in the most efficient way.

While vehicles are docked, the most
efficient ways are used to prepare them
for next drive!


Customer can choose between "private mode" that instantly double the fare or "share mode" which opens the vehicle for a use to other customers. Destination has to be set in the share mode and in case of request route is adjusted to pick up another passenger. Goal is to financially motivate customers to pool a vehicle and to reduce the traffic.

Use vehicle for as long as needed. Pay
only for miles driven!


Approaching a PT triggers automated return process in which customer leaves the vehicle in front of the PT. First the vehicle is scanned from inside to monitor for left items. Secondly it is guided inside of the PT while it is being cleaned and scanned for potential damages. Customer receives result in his smartphone along with the final receipt.

When vehicle is not needed anymore,
just drop it off at the nearest PT, or just
leave it on the street!


Peter - manager

"After I arrived at the airport, I have easily reserved a car from PowerTower with my phone. Picking-up took me few minutes, ride was comfortable and returning was convenient near congress which I attended. I used the car from PowerTower again on the next day on my way to the airport. It was amazing how fast and easy it was compared to rental or taxi."

Marry - employee

"I use car from PowerTower every day on the way to work and back home. I just love how easygoing it is, I don't have to take care of the car maintenance all the time. And it saves me money as I pay only for the time I really use my car."

Patrick - sport fan

"I attended my favorite football match on the car from PowerTower. I didn't have to search for parking spot or be stuck in the traffic jam while looking for parking. Leaving the stadium was fast and I was at home much sooner than any time before."

John and Kimberly - tourists

"We used cars from the PowerTower during our last city-break. We could easily move between the attractions when it was suitable for us and without any troubles about own car. Parking was comfortable without complications. It was cheaper than other possible alternatives."

Family Wick

"Every Sunday we go shopping to the shopping mall. We made a good choice using a car from PowerTower. Parking was no problem and then we drove home comfortably with our shopping."

Sandra - student

"Using a car from PowerTower to get me from my appartment do the railway station every month on my way home made my life earsier. I do not have take care my own car while studying, I just use it when I need it."

Let's think further beyond.

One of the benefits of closed system solution is the possibility to extend basic application with additional services such as entertainment, wifi connection or even other third party services, for example beverage machine.


Extremely light vehicle is ideal in combination with alternative infrastructure that can override complicated areas with high traffic or obstacles. Imagine crossing rivers or climbing hills in automated mode without any need to adjust this infrastructure for different sizes of vehicles or safety measures requested while human drives a vehicle.


Ecological aspect of the project could be even more emphasized by connecting the PowerTower to alternative ecological power sources. This includes solar panels on surrounding buildings or water turbine placed nearby if applicable.


PowerTower is designed to be detachable to existing buildings or architecturally integrated to newly built facilities so it best fulfils customers´ needs and expectations.


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